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Tucked away in the backyard of a local coffee shop on Manchaca Road is Veracruz All Natural. Radio Coffee & Beer is host to Veracruz’s food truck and customers enjoy having a food option as they enjoy their beverages.

Veracruz All Natural has had their location at Radio Coffee & Beer since 2014 and has been feeding hungry coffee (and beer) drinkers ever since. If at first you do not see the food truck nestled amongst the trees in the courtyard, don’t worry! Your nose will lead you there! The aroma of tacos fills the outside dining area with whiffs of grilled steak, roasted chicken, seasoned veggies, and hot homemade tortillas. Customers can order their tacos to-go, enjoy them al fresco in the outside dining area, or eat them inside the coffee shop. Veracruz All Natural serves up tacos from breakfast until dinner. Patrons enjoy mornings waking-up with their coffee or evenings enjoying the frequent live entertainment.

The owners of Veracruz All Natural are two sisters Reyna and Maritza Vazquez. The sisters originally hail from Veracruz, Mexico, and moved to Austin after high school with their family. Reyna opened her first food trailer in 2006 selling all natural snow cones and smoothies. In 2008 Maritza joined her sister and by 2010 they were serving up tacos from a food truck on Cesar Chavez. The Vazquez’s are talented! They make tacos fresh to order that are delicious and healthier. They have options for vegetarians and offer an egg white breakfast taco loaded with veggies, called the La Reyna.

I had the chance to enjoy Veracruz All Natural for a lunch and to enjoy the spring weather as I dined outside. I started my meal off with their Guacamole and Chips. The chips were outstanding and fried to perfection! They were light, crispy with just a hint of nuttiness from the corn. Also, a perfect corn tortilla chip must be able to dig into the mound of guacamole without breaking and those chips did a stunning job! I scooped my chip with a generous portion of their guacamole fresh from the molcajete. The guacamole is fresh with chunky bits of avocado, roasted tomato, jalapeno, onion, and cilantro. The guacamole was infused with lime juice that pulled all the flavors together and paired well with the fresh tortilla chips.

My mouth was salivating after that appetizer and I was more than ready to sink my teeth into the foil wrapped heaven that awaited me! Yes tacos! I am sure you feel the same way I do when you are peeling the foil off a taco where the aromas have already escaped their silver cocoon.

I peeled the foil back from my first taco revealing Veracruz All Natural’s Fish Taco. I chose a corn tortilla for my fish taco and it was a perfect choice to envelope my meal! The tortillas are homemade and the freshest I have ever tasted from a restaurant! It was soft, but strong enough to let me hold my taco as I enjoyed it. The tilapia was perfectly grilled and was accompanied with a medley of cabbage, mango pico de gallo, a slice of avocado, and sprinkling of Monterrey Jack cheese. I squeezed some lime and poured the chipotle mayo salsa on the taco. Bite after bite, I imagined I was at a seaside taco stand.

My second taco choice was The Fajita Steak taco with a flour tortilla. The steak was delicious! It was grilled flawlessly with just the right amount of charred crispy bits. Plus it remained very juicy when you bit into it! With each bite I took, I was delighted to find a bit of cilantro, onion, avocado and queso! I paired the taco with one of their house made salsas. The Creamy Jalapeno Avocado Salsa was green and spicy and just what that taco needed to kick it up a notch! Yep, it was spicy and worthy of a 512 IPA from Radio Coffee & Beer to cool my palate!

Finding reason to validate the beer and to make my lunch a well-rounded healthy meal, I splurged on the La Reyna taco. They recommended the corn tortilla with this choice when I placed my order. The meatless gem was not lacking in flavor as it was chock full of mushrooms, spinach, carrots, and red bell peppers that had been seasoned and grilled perfectly. They also managed to stuff in this veggie taco avocado, pico de gallo, and queso fresco. Once again, I tried a different salsa—this time going for the red one and a sip—or four—of the beer! As I found out later, this little red spicy number is made with the Diablo Grande chili.

I enjoyed my meal at Veracruz All Natural so much that I have already scouted out their other food truck location on Cesar Chavez as well as their brick-and-mortar in Round Rock! On my list, to try their famous smoothies and aguas frescas as the Texas summer heat approaches. I also learned they will be opening another brick-and-mortar location in Austin on May 20, 2017. I know I will be enjoying my next round of breakfast tacos at Veracruz All Natural. Adios taco lovers!


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Address: 2711 La Frontera Blvd., Austin, TX 78681

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