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Below is from their website…

Whether you’re catching up with a friend or simply taking respite from a busy day, Tea Haus is your home away from home.

Our coffees are local and organic, teas are imported and tasty, we cold press pounds of fruits and veggies for our juices, savory snacks and delectable desserts made fresh daily. Tea Haus strives to deliver quality craft creations for the health and enjoyment of our guests. Paired with a cozy and comfortable environment, Tea Haus hopes to become a community hub for our neighborhood.


Good Eats Austin Recommends…


Mint Mojito Iced Coffee Small

Americano, fresh mint and fresh cream


Boba Milk Tea

Black tea, cream and honey boba


Sea Salt Creme Latte

Americano, fresh whipped sea salt creme


Sea Salt Thai Iced Tea

Thai tea, sea salt creme


Daily Green Juice

Spinach, lime, lemon, apples, celery, parsley, ginger


Strawberry Lime Lemonade

Lemon, lime, strawberry



Fresh squeezed lemon



Basil Fried Chicken

1/2 lb fresh cut chicken, basil and haus spines


Ham & Cheese Brick Toast

Fresh baked bread, ham and cheese


Strawberry Brick Toast

Fresh baked bread, haus butter and strawberries



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Address: 2525 W Anderson Ln. Ste 285
Austin, TX 78757

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Tea Haus

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Tea Haus

Tea Haus

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